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Point to Place, a Minnesota nonprofit corporation, was founded in 2022 by Amanda Malkin, an east coast native who found her forever home in Saint Peter, MN with her husband, twin girls and best dog, Penelope. Amanda is a practicing art conservator who recently began exploring art as it relates to the public realm. Amanda believes in the power that creative expression can manifest on a physical space. Through inspiration and experimentation, she intends to harness this power in order to beautify the public spaces within her community in useful and imaginative ways.

Amanda's husband, Mark Plotz, is a bike mechanic and urban planner. Together they run The Smallest Cog Bicycle Shop in downtown Saint Peter. Mark introduced Amanda to placemaking concepts, tactical urbanism, urban planning for all users and more. He has opened her eyes to how our built environments can dictate our daily lives and how to recognize opportunities to make public spaces work better for everyone.

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